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How the Icon Describes in Paint What Scripture Teaches in Words

If one were to ask me for three words to describe what we portray in the icon, they would be Incarnation, Transfiguration, and Asceticism (Restraint). Incarnation is why we have icons in the first place. If Jesus is God incarnate (with a real body, real features), and if that incarnate body is now seated in […]

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How Learning about Clarity Changed my Approach to Painting Orthodox Icons

It is the tenth anniversary of 9/11, and I am getting on an airplane. My husband is sick with worry about me. I assure him it’s the safest possible day to fly: security is sure to be tight. In line at security were a couple of older ladies who hadn’t flown in over ten years. […]

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Image Not Made by Hands

The Icon Not Made by Human Hands

In August, the church commemorates the Icon of Christ “Not Made by Hands,” also commonly known as the “Holy Napkin,” the “Mandylion,” or the “Holy Face.” According to the oral tradition of the Eastern Church, the prototype for this image was made by Christ himself as he put his face against a towel, leaving an […]

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