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St. Sebastian Dabovich of San Francisco and Jackson

Photos from the Glorification of St. Sebastian and more new Icons of him

Hundreds of people descended on St Steven’s Cathedral, along with the Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Irinej, to participate in the official glorification of a new American saint, Archimandrite Sebastian Dabovich of San Francisco and Jackson. The last time I remember an American saint getting canonized, it was St Raphael of Brooklyn, and the ceremony was held […]

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The Miracle of Archangel Michael at Chonae

Orthodox Icon of the Miracle of St Michael at Chonae

In May, 2015 I finally finished an icon of the Miracle of St. Michael at Chonae. I say “finally” because I struggled with this icon quite a bit. The event portrayed in the icon is commemorated on September 6 in the Orthodox church calendar. St Michael answers the prayers of the monk Archippus, saving the […]

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St. Catherine of Alexandria, the Great Martyr

Painting an Icon of St Catherine as Artist in Residence at Riverside Greek Fest, 2014

The first weekend of October, 2014, I spent nearly every waking moment at the Riverside Greek Fest. Every year, St. Andrew’s Orthodox Church puts on a big festival which includes an indoor “Arts and Culture” exhibit in addition to the usual Greek Festival features (music, dancing, food, ouzo…). That year the theme of the exhibit […]

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Beheading of St John the Forerunner and Baptist

New Icon: St John in the Wilderness

In September, 2014 I attended what had become an annual tradition for me: the Hexaemeron workshop in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. The teaching of Ksenia Pokrovsky about highlighting garments, hair and faces based on real life observations (via her hundreds of magazine “photo pictures”) had made a deep impression on me three years prior, and […]

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Image Not Made by Hands

The Icon Not Made by Human Hands

In August, the church commemorates the Icon of Christ “Not Made by Hands,” also commonly known as the “Holy Napkin,” the “Mandylion,” or the “Holy Face.” According to the oral tradition of the Eastern Church, the prototype for this image was made by Christ himself as he put his face against a towel, leaving an […]

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